IQBALL Explanation

As a method of improving "IQ", which means that the higher the number, the higher the intelligence, and the lower the number, the lower the intelligence. Please use the IQBALL app. It doesn't matter what age you are promoting your intelligence or raising your potential. "Don't set goals that you can achieve, goals that you don't know you can achieve even if you work harder," says Albert Einstein. It essentially talks about "how to improve your intelligence". What are some ways to improve your intelligence? This IQBALL app contains that element. In life, if you dare to tackle a difficult problem and put a load on your brain, your intelligence will increase, but playing this app will add fun elements and you will be able to enjoy your intelligence.

Continuing to move the brain on a regular basis naturally improves the brain's ability to process information. For example, quizzes, puzzles, and bingo tune up mental abilities and make them work properly. There are also some studies that mental training can increase IQ by about 8%.

It seems that the brain remembers its own actions and messages, and if it says to himself that it can not be done, tired, anxious, or frightening, it may fail to study or work. May. The brain signals the body what it thinks, and the body is acting that way. Try to think positively about how your game will go.

To think creatively, you don't have to be an artist to draw a picture or make a work. It is commonly said that creative thinking is in the right brain. Creative means that the right and left brains are well connected and that the brains have a good collaboration process. In order to keep the brain in good condition, "it is important to go back and forth between different ways of thinking, one that has never been considered before and one that has never been considered before.

The last element to enhance intelligence is the network. It can be face-to-face interaction or SNS interaction, so exposing yourself to a place where you interact with people makes it easier to put all the elements into practice.

If you raise IQ, the world you see will change. Have a good life.